Runtime Scripting


To start using Runtime Support create a GameObject and add uteRuntimeBuilder Component. Assign MAINPLATFORM (a starting point for building) if needed.

Click on “Prepare for Runtime” to generate all the necessary data from Tile-Editor for Runtime usage.


Class Tile

public string guidid; // Get object GUID ID
public GameObject ref_obj; // Get GameObject reference
public GameObject mainObject; // Get GameObject that you build and set to RuntimeBuilder
public Texture2D preview; // Get Tile preview texture that is generated auto or set in Tile-Editor
public string name; // Get Tile name
public string title; // Get Tile title

Class Category

public List<Tile> allTiles = new List<Tile>(); // Get the List of all Tile objects in the Category
public string name; // Get the Category name
public string type; // Get the category type (static/dynamic)

Class uteRuntimeBuilder

runtimeBuilder = this.gameObject.GetComponent<uteRuntimeBuilder>(); // Assign component


All functions are called from uteRuntimeBuilder Component.

Runtime Editor settings

  • void SetRaycastDistance(float distance) – Set the maximum distance of Raycast when building.
  • void SetSnapOption(string option)Set snapping option (“auto”, “fixed” or “none”).
  • string GetSnapOption() Get current snapping option.
  • void DisableMouseInputForBuild() Disable mouse input (use if you want to build using keyboard or procedurally).
  • void EnableMouseInputForBuild()Enable mouse input.
  • void SetFixedRaycastPosition(Vector2 position)Set fixed Raycast position from screen point.
  • void DisableFixedRaycastPosition()Unset Fixed Raycast position to use Mouse Position.
  • Vector2 GetFixedRaycastPosition()Get fixed Raycast position.


  • void Batch(bool AddMeshColliders, bool RemoveLeftOvers)Batching and Optimization for Runtime. Ability to generate colliders and clean up references.
  • void UnBatch()Remove Runtime batching and optimization (use only if you use RemoveLeftOvers=false in Batch). Good when want to continue building.
  • List<GameObject> GetBatchedObjects()Get the list of the Batched objects.

Building and Handling Runtime Editor

  • void EnableToBuild() – Enable RuntimeEngine building.
  • void DisableToBuild() – Disable RuntimeEngine building.
  • void SetBuildMode(BuildMode)Set BuildMode (BuildMode.Normal, BuildMode.Continuous, BuildMode.Mass).
  • BuildMode GetCurrentBuildMode() Get current BuildMode.
  • void SetCurrentTile(GameObject go)Set tile for building (usually you get it from Tile.mainObject).
  • void CancelCurrentTile() Cancel current tile for building.
  • void RotateCurrentTileRight()Rotate current tile Right.
  • void RotateCurrentTileLeft() Rotate current tile Left.
  • void RotateCurrentTileUp()Rotate current tile Up.
  • void RotateCurrentTileDown()Rotate current tile Down.
  • void RotateCurrentTileFlip()Flip current tile.
  • GameObject GetCurrentSelectedObject()Get current object that mouse is hovering.
  • GameObject GetCurrentTile() Get current tile that is used for building.
  • bool DestroyCurrentSelectedObject() Destroy tile that is hovered by mouse.
  • void MassBuildHeightUp() Increase height for Mass Build Mode by 1.
  • void MassBuildHeightDown()Reduce height for Mass Build Mode by 1.
  • void MassBuildResetHeight()Reset height for Mass Build Mode to 1.
  • void MassBuildCancel()Cancel Mass Build (which is in progress when dragging).

Create Tiles at Runtime

  • void AddTileInCategory(GameObject obj, string categoryName, string tileUniqueName, string tileTitle, Texture2D tilePreview, bool isStatic)Create new Tile at Runtime.
  • void RemoveTileFromCategory(string categoryName, string tileUniqueName)Remove Tile which is created at Runtime only.

Get Data from Tile-Editor

  • List<string> GetListOfCategoryNames()Get all the categories from Tile-Editor.
  • void SetCurrentTileInstantly(GameObject go)Use this when instantiating Tiles procedurally.
  • Category GetCategoryByCategoryName(string catName) Get Category by its name.
  • Tile GetTileFromCategoryByName(string categoryName, string tileName) Get Tile from Category by giving category and tile name.
  • List<Tile> GetTileListByCategoryName(string catName)Get list of Tiles from Category.
  • Tile GetTileByID(int id)Get Tile by ID.


  • void PlaceCurrentTileAtPosition(Vector3 position, Vector3 rotation)Place tile at position with rotation (for procedural generation).
  • void PlaceCurrentTileAtPosition(Vector3 position)Place tile at position (for procedural generation).

Save / Load Map

  • void SaveMap(string mapName) Save map.
  • string SaveMap(string mapName) – Save map and return data to string (you can use this to save data anywhere you want, eg. online).
  • string LoadMapWithData(string data) – Load map with provided data (that you get from function above).
  • void LoadMap(string mapName, bool loadAdditive = false)Load Map.
  • string[] GetMapNamesList()Get saved map list.
  • bool CheckIfMapExists(string mapName) Check if map exists.
  • void DeleteMap(string mapName)Delete map with given name.


* For more information and explanation see all the examples that are included in the package.

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